ArtSaas is an investment in a reliable infrastructure and better protection of your priceless data.

Contrary to a common view, data kept on a private or gallery computer isn’t safer than on a server located in a trustworthy data center. Not every collection or gallery can afford an in-house IT infrastructure to protect them from break in or data loss caused by power cut. Becoming ArtSaas user you get access to reliable IT infrastructure and technical assistance of highly qualified IT specialist who make sure your data is safe. Everything to provide you with comfort of doing what you love and do best – buying, selling and collecting works of art, antiques and rare books.

Safe as a bank. Few words on data encryption, SSL certificate and a Fire Wall.

We are fully aware of how precious your data is. We guard your data as banks guard your money. Each connection with ArtSaas is encrypted with a secure 256-bit algorithm, exactly the same way banks protect your online banking. Our servers are protected with firewall and by dedicated IT specialist to defend it from hacker attacks, viruses and spyware.

Data backups.

How often do you backup your data? At ArtSaas we do it every day – daily backup is kept on a separate disc, once a week we deposit a weekly backup in bank’s safe. With ArtSaas you can be sure that even if you accidentally delete all your data our specialists will restore it.

Privacy policy and data protection.

Your data is solely your property. We have no right to use it. We do not edit, copy, don’t share nor sell information entered by you into ArtSaas. Your data is stored on a disc space separated from and inaccessible by any other Artsaas users. There is only a limited number of our employees who can access it to provide you better and more secure work environment. At any time you can export your data into your computer. At any time you can resign from our services – in that case we are obliged to permanently delete your data from our servers. To read more about our Privacy Policy please click here.

Internal threats. Trust but verify!

Not everyone is aware that the main threat to data safety comes not from the outside but from the inside of companies and organizations – from their own employees or cooperants. At ArtSaas we made sure account owners fully decide not only what data their employees have access to but also if they can edit, copy or delete it. That way we minimized the risk of accidental deleting, loss or theft of your precious data.

Still concerned? If you want to talk more about our security measures please contact us at

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